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Dermasweep $175+
Red Carpet Dermasweep $225+


60 minutes 95
Aromatic well-being and radiance enhancing facial.
If pure relaxation is what you need, then Plaisir D’Aromes is what you should have. This fragrant treatment will inspire you to unwind through the beauty of touch. Our soothing, holistic facial is suitable for all skin types. A stress-free, extraction-free facial.

75 minutes 115
Deep pore cleansing, restoring & relaxing facial.
If you only get one facial…this is absolutely the one to have. It will completely transform your skin and your psyche to the South of France with aromatic botanical extracts. Our step-by-step customization will make you wish that it were longer than 75 minutes.Thorough treatment for all skin types & conditions. Let yourself go and experience our unique double toning, double exfoliation, extractions and a relaxing facial massage-all tailored to your skin’s needs. You will leave with a revived, glowing complexion. It’s a proof that you weren’t just dreaming it!


75 minutes 125
Long-lasting deep hydrating facial.
If your skin is dry or parched from too much sun, too much wind or too much stress, we have the perfect skin quencher to re-hydrate you. Includes a double hydrating mask and hand scrub. No extractions. It’s like having icy, cold Evian Water after you run the San Diego Marathon! Deep, long-lasting hydration for all skin types, all year-long


90 minutes 175
Our signature facial, customized to provide the ultimate results based upon your skin’s specific needs. Your skin’s condition can change rapidly based upon your environment, stress level and diet. To address these changes we use specially customized skin care products, which focus on three fundamental areas of skin care: special complexes to balance, aromatherapy to detoxify and creams to protect. A luxurious and effective tailor made treatment. Ideal for all skin conditions. Our Signature Facial comes with you choice of microdermabrasion or chemical peel.


50 minutes 95
Skin Fitness, Power Moist and Age-Defense.
For Men Only-Designed and formulated especially for guys! Be pampered in a complete therapeutic facial that will cleanse and relax you with earthy botanicals. “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”, therefore our skin is different too. You and your therapist can decide if you need Skin Fitness, Power Moist or Age-Defense. This is your personalized men’s treatment! For Men-all skin types and conditions.


45 minutes 80
Deep pore cleansing and balancing facial.
Our introductory Acne Facial is designed for your teenager or for the client on-the-go. It will expose the teen and/or new client to proper skincare in an easy-to-follow format. Good habits start young…and that includes healthy skin habits. Your skin will look and feel so good that you’ll keep coming back for more. This Facial is for teenagers, new clients or clients on-the-go.


30 minutes 65
Short & Compete Facial accessible to everyone.
This is efficient as any facial can be. It is short & sweet enough to squeeze into your lunch hour and your skin will thank you for the treat. Escale Beaute express is the best way to reward yourself if time is short. The botanical essences of Yon-ka will brighten your skin and your mind. Great for all skin types, young & old.


60 minutes 95
A facial for the back with cleansing, exfoliation and thorough extractions.

Detoxifying Body Wrap

This detoxifying, mineral rich seaweed wrap helps promote healthy body tone. A potent blend of Algae Extract, Juniper and Cypress act as remedies to restore health and stimulate immunity.
60 min 105
90 min 135



30 minutes 55
60 minutes 95
90 minutes 125
Using a vigorous stroking style of deep muscle massage, the therapist works primarily with long strokes known as effleurage along with some rolling and kneading techniques to increase venous and lymphatic circulation and induce deep relaxation.

60 minutes 105
90 minutes 135
This therapeutic massage works deep into the muscle tissues, both along and across the muscle fibers. Slow, deep movements are used to release muscle tension, reduce scar tissue, and increase range of motion. This type of massage is recommended for individuals wanting more detailed bodywork on specific muscle groups.


60 minutes 95
90 minutes 125
Aromatherapy massage is highly favored for its effectiveness and therapeutic, alluring scent. It’s also a favorite among massage therapists, because the essential oil scents are thought to have various healing properties.


60 minutes 110
90 minutes 140
This massage treatment uses heated river stones on strategic points on the spine, back, hands, and feet provides isolated deep heat that warms and relaxes the muscles with the addition of your massage.


60 minutes 105
90 minutes 135
Combination of Swedish, aromatherapy and deep tissue massage. Get all three of your favorite massage techniques in one session.


60 minutes 105
90 minutes 135
This massage is designed to prepare muscles for exercise and to help them recover more rapidly for the next round of activity. This is a vigorous massage that includes stretching, friction, and range of motion techniques.


60 minutes 105
Giving special attention to the mother-to-be. Relaxing massage for the soon-to-be-mom (expectant mother must have completed the first trimester). Helps to relieve muscle tension, headaches, and improves circulation.


Lip 15
Chin 15
Nose or Ears 15
Eyebrow Design 25
Sides of Face 20
Full Face 55
Underarm 20
Half Arm 30
Full Arm 45
Bikini 45
Brazilian Bikini 65
Lower Leg 40
Upper Leg 40
Full Leg 75
Half Leg and Bikini 75
Full Leg and Bikini 95
Back 80